4 Corners Matting & Framing

4 Corners Matting & Framing

If it's worth framing - Do it Right!

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Contact us with your specific requests, and we will give you an estimate, bearing in mind that there are numerous variables.
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Bath Interrupted by Guy Hobbs. This piece was selected to hang in the Mall Galleries in London, UK

Cat Nap by Guy Hobbs - shows the use of a silver fillet inside the frame, but the artwork speaks for itself.

Laura Leeder 'Best Wishes' Showing the use of a V groove in the mat just outside the painting

Laura Leeder 'Lady May' using a museum quality 8ply mat

Make a bold statement. This pastel work needed a treatment that was bold enough for the work to leap out.

Beautiful Cross Stitch celebrating a baby's arrival and using one of our high gloss, brightly colored frames for fun in a nursery

Painting on sheeting brought home from a vacation - fully mounted on adhesive board to flatten creases. Framing costs more than the artwork, but what a stunning result!

A Laura Leeder painting of beautiful blue hues, offset by a whimsical antique silver frame

Chris Schmidt's bold painting of a red barn using an 8ply mat which gives depth

An example of the use of a fillet ,which matches the frame, for a more dramatic presentation of an old treasured print.